What is 30 Days to Phenom?

A 30-day online plan, designed and customized, specifically for you. We offer a very hands-on approach that can easily be done in the comfort of your own home. All we need you to do is focus, commit to working hard, and staying consistent.

The benefits of our plan include:

Initial Questionnaire and Assessment

-Our Phenom Team will review and assess exactly where you are today and determine what steps need to be taken to get to your goal by planning an appropriate Purge Process

Food Plan

- A meal guide with a specified nutritional plan for you. Our goal is to help you learn the basics of meal planning and the importance of nutritional balance which are both key aspects of your success during our Phenom Purge Program. we make nutrition and meal planning simple

Fitness Regimen

- A workout routine that includes a combination of plyometrics, cardio, and strength training. Each routine is based on your needs and personal fitness abilities. As you improve and develop strength, we will continue to create challenging and interesting routines all while your body continues to transform.

Virtual Progress Group

- You will have access to our private support group where you can upload workouts for accountability, pictures to tracks your progress, and questions for supports and guidance. We will also host weekly live chats for updates and progress reporting.

Guaranteed Success

- While we are confident in the results that can be accomplished with our program, we ask that you trust our passion and the PROCESS. Having had many years of experience in transforming lives, we stand firm on the notion that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE when you PURGE 4 CURVES.

Are you ready to Purge and be transformed?